Make The Room Colors Light With Wall Hanging Lanterns

This tip is mainly for the bedrooms. The French people have a passion for the light color in their bedrooms. They used to contrast it with the deep bed sheet and bed covers. These bed covers must be in the style of hanging so that it can cover the whole bed. The hanging lanterns on the hand will give you a romantic feel with your spouse in the late nights. Every single individual wants to have a romantic night with his/her spouse at the end of the day. This decoration is made on that basis.

Look for the antiques in the drawing rooms with flowers

French people have a passion for the old things. If you want to get a touch of a house like the French way, then you must look for some old things. In the drawing rooms, these pieces will create a feeling of passion and also gives other a hint of your personality. The flowers give a perfect balance to those large drawings by a fresh appearance. You can take ant flower, but that must be kept in the vases on a table in front of the window.


These tips will help you in redecorating your house with the new way. You can do this by your way just by having the things and make the coloring that has mentioned above.