Essential small kitchen appliances you need when moving into a new home

Moving into a new home always brings new experiences and challenges that need be dealt with. You will have to attend to the lawn, garage, living rooms, and yes, the kitchen. However, the kitchen is something that cannot be overlooked.  There are certain appliances that should be on every new homeowners checklist.  While you will need as many appliances as possible in your kitchen, there are some you cannot do without. The following 5 appliances are essential any day.

Preparing many dishes today involve having to shred little amounts of some ingredients. To prepare salads or some exotic dishes like the African fried rice, you will need to shred some cabbages, carrots and cheese as these will add flavor to the delicacy. They come in different shapes, but the pyramidal ones whose holes have various diameters are often the best.

Rolling pin
A rolling pin is one piece of kitchen equipment every home needs. Whether you are living alone or with a partner and kid, there will be need for a rolling pin. If not for anything, there are times when the muse of pastry pays you a visit and you decide to get creative with flour. At times like this, a rolling pin (made of marble or wood) will help you turn your inspiration to pies, sausages, fish rolls and whatnot.

There is hardly a cooking process that will not require the use of a knife. From peeling fruits and tubers to slicing vegetables, you will need well-sharpened knives almost on a daily basis. Even the least skilled chef knows the relevance of these knives; little wonder they carry them wherever they go. Remember, do well to buy knives that will last a very long time because they work daily and almost forever.

Even the early man had some good use for blenders way back. He may not have had the opportunity to purchase any of the exotic blenders we have in the market today, but he sure had crude ways of crushing fruits, herbs and their likes. You need a blender if you are going to be preparing milkshakes, fruits squashes and your favorite smoothies. Depending on your budget or sheer preference, you have the option of buying electric blenders or manual ones; but by all means, you need one.

Mixing bowls
This one is easy to guess. You will need mixing bowls of various sizes and shapes in your kitchen. They are essential in preparing scrambled eggs as you would have to beat the eggs inside of them first. Beyond beating eggs, you will find them indispensable in mixing various recipes, and flour in the local production of pastries. For convenience, it is important that you settle for mixing bowls of various sizes, and even materials as each will suit a given mixing need best.