Decorating tips that will fit every house project

Joe Nahas 8 Phillip Street Project

Decorating a house can be a fun and exciting activity for both the house owner and designer alike. They both expect the burst of creativity and ideas, but sometimes a successful decoration needs a bit more energy and skills.

If you’re thinking to do it by yourself, you might need a great deal of advice to start. If not, hiring a professional decorator will help you save some time and get the design you want.

Joe Nahas 8 Phillip Street ProjectDecorating tips for every house project

Use a one-paint pattern

The anthem of every smart designer is – “the less is more”. Don’t over-do it. Use your space wisely and create a layer of paint that will complement any style. Sounds difficult, but the trick is in choosing a one-paint pattern for every room in the house.

If you’re using a neutral palette, however, you need to think about the details. Don’t leave the walls blunt – it will look boring and sterile.

Use the natural lighting

The use of natural lighting in the decor of the house is the key feature to a good design. Like Joe Nahas 8 Phillip Street Project, big windows and balcony doors will make a nice light pattern to your space. Have in mind that choosing the windows is not a simple thing – pay attention to the window dimensions and the window openings in your house.

Also, you should choose curtains or blinds that will make your windows look rich and layered. The general rule of thumb is that the color of the curtains should complement the color of the walls. But you can also combine it with the color of the furniture, to create a more appealing effect.Joe Nahas 8 Phillip Street Project

Choose accessories smartly

Accessorizing is a great designer trick that will help you to personalize your house. Every designer knows that right accessories can bring the special character to the room they’re in.

You get to choose between several categories of wall accessories, floor accessories, and general accessories for furniture and decoration. Don’t get carried away – keep things minimalistic. If you’re choosing patterns, go with geometric or abstract patterns to create the maximum effect.

Great art pieces counts

A modern and stylish house simply can’t go without a great piece of art. If you’re on a budget, you can choose a variety of reproductions or prints of great art pieces. Make sure that the style and the coloring of the piece you choose are in harmony with the overall design idea. Don’t put dramatic pieces into your bedroom, for example – leave them for a living room or kitchen.Joe Nahas 8 Phillip Street Project

Clean lines

The furniture lines can be of a great help in decorating your house. For rooms that are lacking accessories, you can choose a furniture with an interesting design. Go curvy if you want to spice things up. On the other hand, choose clean lines with no edges for your kitchen or dining area. That way, you’ll create a nice and modern design for the whole family to enjoy.