Best ways to remove wrinkles from curtains with no iron

Every woman loves curtains but hates ironing. The disappointment on their faces when they buy new curtains, hang them, and stare in a wrinkled fabric was unpleasant to see. Therefore, we’re here to give you some great advice on how to remove wrinkles from your curtains – but without an iron.


Is there a way?

There are several effective ways to straighten up your curtains without using the iron. Some of them include washing the curtains in the cold water and then putting them in the dryer, just to get them warm. After they get hot and you should take them out and hang them right away. Be careful when washing them – fold them neatly before you remove them and make sure you use delicate cycling.

On the other hand, you might use some wrinkles-free sprays for your curtains. The idea behind those products is that you spray them on the wrinkles and let the curtains dry. Or, you can wash them with a towel, which will make them straight.

If you want stronger results than these, you should try out steam irons instead. Not only you will get the same lead to much less time, but you can also use that steam iron for cleaning up your bathroom, your clothes, or the mirrors.  

How to use a steam iron?best steam iron

To be clear – a steam iron is not iron. You might know it as “a steam machine”. The whole process is straightforward – it requires only a couple of minutes. The best part – you can leave your curtains on!

The best steam iron should give you the benefits of getting your curtains straight with the least stress. To start, take your steam iron and fill the reservoir with water. Let it heat up properly – otherwise, it won’t give you the effect you need.

Select the attachment for your steam machine. Usually, you’ll get several, and each one will give its unique performance to straighten up your curtains. When you choose the attachment and put it on the end of the machine, you can now start ironing your curtains. As we said, there’s no need to take them down, lay them on the table or something like that. You can iron them while they’re hanged, just by moving the steam machine up and down the curtain. Make sure you’re getting the wrinkles!

The wrinkles will be gone in a few minutes, which gives you enough time to go and do more curtains if you wish or to just stop with ironing. An additional benefit of using a steam machine instead of iron or washing the curtains is that you’ll also freshen up the fabric. This will make your curtains cleaner, removing all the dust that was inside the tissue. Plus, if you happen to be a parent, this is an excellent way to sanitize your curtains without using heavy chemicals and similar products that can affect someone’s health.

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